Four elements

The collection consists of a necklace, a bracelet and two rings.
The necklace represents the earth. The necklace is made of silver with an earth texture. The necklace also features a frog, which is an amphibian that connects earth and water. The other part of the necklace is made of deer horns and rudilite stone.
The bracelet represents water and is made of silver, with a chrysoprase stone.
The fire element is made of silver, copper, rough diamond and citrine. It is set in a composition on an iron plate with fire opals, rubies, garnets, citrines, sapphires. The whole composition represents fire with its flames and sparks.
The fourth piece of jewellery is moved through the photograph rather than as a physical piece of jewellery. It symbolises air. The photograph shows a silver ring in the shape of a raven with a star sapphire. 

The collection was exibited in Slovenian jewelry week, Romanian jewelry week and Moldavian jewelry week