A collection of textile silver jewelry by contemporary textile jewelry designer and textile designer Arijana Gadžijev, M.A., and contemporary jewelry designer and academic sculptor Dalija Sega. The collection In-between is that of two extremes, two worlds, two matters, between two periods in time, between the imprints of the past and the fantasies of the future. Two- where one is not more important than the other, where they are sometimes together, sometimes apart, where they are intertwined and where they go their own way, where they complement each other and where they take away from each other. Where they are as one and each for itself. The collection of textile silver jewelry was created in the “Covid-19 time”, when we longed for “normal” times and walked the fine line of everyday reality, somewhere between one side and the other, but mostly somewhere in between. It explores the levels of human nature, as some of us were confined to life in cities and longed for an escape to the outdoors. Nature helped us find peace and magic. We observed its textures, shapes, and colors, and were inspired by frozen liquid surfaces, layered forms, and geometric details. The pandemic certainly left its mark and changed our lives, but life itself is a constant change and the state of being in-between is our regular companion on the twists and turns of our paths. Dalija’s handmade organic prints in silver are complemented by three combinations of Arijana’s textile patterns printed on fabric, which together form the six-piece jewelry collection consisting of a silver-blue necklace, a silver-blue ring, a silver-purple necklace, silver-purple earrings, a silver-pink necklace and a silver-pink brooch. The silver part of the jewelry is made by the lost wax process and the textile part is made of woven textile material and digitally printed with the graphic patterns, specially designed for the collection. All textile pieces are sewn by hand. From 15th to 17th October 2021 the collection was presented at design fair Blickfang Wien in Vienna, as part of the project Made in Slovenia by SOTO Society.

The silver-pink In-between necklace was published in ARTE Y JOYA Contemporary Jewellery Yearbook 2021. In May 2022 the collection was exhibited at Lolita Eipprova during the Slovenian Jewelry Week 2022 and in October 2022 it was chosen for Jewelry Drops exhibition at Milano Jewelry Week 2022.

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