Storry in my bones

In this collection, I explore several layers. It's a collection of who I really am, my foundations, my bones. In the bones you can not see the religion that I may belong to or the colour of my skin. It is not important how others see me or what others think they know about me, not about where I come from and where they think I'm going. A storry in the bones speaks my essence, my core. It is also a story about dream worlds and the interweaving of the symbolic world of dreams with the material world of reality. It is also a story about the male and female principle, the cat and the deer, which are connected in the dream world as  the whole. Here the death is transformed to something beautiful and dreamlike. It has transcended from the morbid darkness into something poetic.
"The story in my bones" is a collection of jewelry created from the deer skull and cat skull. I used the skulls as my dream diary, a dream catchers. I carved two dreams that I ve dreamt on the surface of the sculves. The jewelry that came out of these skulls is taken print from the surface of the skull, from the letters carved on the skulls. In the collection there are pendants with stones that function independently like the skulls of the skull, which are also independent pendants.  A pair of earrings is made in such a way that one part of the ear is complementary to the other and is its missing fill. One earring is made of bone and continues in the silver print of the bone, and both of them create a whole.
Tadej Čauševič
LJFW Jure Makovec